KSSR Materials (Downloadable)

Some tips:

To download any of the materials, just click on the slides or the title of the slides, they would bring you to SlideShare site. You need to login first in order to download any materials from SlideShare. If you already have a SlideShare account, just click on the download link which may be found on top of each presentation after you log in.

Just click on the 'Download' tab. If your Internet connection is stable, the download should start immediately.

If you do not have a SlideShare account, creating one is very easy. Look for the 'Signup' tab on the upper right and click on it. Just follow the instructions on the next page, and you're good to go.

Click on the 'Signup' tab and just follow the instructions.

You would be given the choice of either creating a new SlideShare account, or to log in using your existing Facebook account. I opt for logging in using my Facebook account, because I find it to be more convenient and easier. Well, it's up to you! ;-)

Sharing is caring. Feel free to download and share! ;-)


  1. thanks a lot..a lot of information and new ideas I got here..all the best Cynthia

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  3. I've learned a lot from you Cynthia. Great materials & resourceful. Real benefit for both teachers & parents. simply awesome!


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