Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bagaimana menyediakan Fail Meja?

The answer to the above question: I have no idea.

Don't judge me yet, I'm just being honest. Is there anybody out there who knows?

I tried asking my friends and colleagues, here are some of the answers I got:

Answer 1:
"Fail Meja? Apekebende?"
Answer 2:
"Fail-fail yang disusun di atas meja".
Answer 3:
"An inventory of all the meja we have in our school".
Answer 3:
"You heard me. Inventory of tables. How many, what type, the colours, size, etc."
Answer 4:
"It's a file specifying all your duties and responsibilities in school".
Answer 5:
"Not for teachers. Fail Meja is only for the kerani".
(Scratching my head in confusion)

     My GB just got back from a meeting the other day. The first question she asked when we bumped into each other:
     "How many files do you have for your English panel?"
     "I have 18, cikgu". (Rather proudly, eagerly awaiting compliments)
     "I just got back from this meeting. They said you are supposed to have 24".
     "Oh." (Wide-eyed, crestfallen) "What are the files?"
     "You need to find out. Good luck!" (Walked away) (Was that a mischievous smile on her face?)

     File 1: Minutes of Meeting. File 2: Correspondence. File 3: Inventory. File 4: Finance. File 5: Activities. The list continues...
     My desk is already crammed with 18 "fail-fail yang disusun di atas meja". My GB told me that I need to have 6 more files. Files for what? Aren't 18 more than enough? (More scratchings of the head)
     When my colleague Lisa barged into the staffroom later the same day and broke the news:
     "...the Nazir had been to my friend's school in Ranau. Every teacher must have a Fail Meja..."

     ...my first reaction was:

     "Fail Meja? Is that so? What about Fail Kerusi? Fail Bangku? Or Fail Rak and Fail Laci? Maybe we should have Fail Baju as well, to file the clothes we wear every day. What about the food? Shall we have a Fail Makanan? What else do you want me to file? I already have 18 files, for goodness sake! How ridiculous is that? What am I thinking? Who on earth has 18 files?!?!"

     "Hey Cyn, relax ba kau..."

     Whisper, whisper. "Maybe it's her time of the month".

     Maybe IT IS my time of the month. I don't want to relax. Today I want to put all the 18 files into a large box and BURN them so that I would have more spaces on my meja.


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