Sunday, October 4, 2009

More on Shared Reading: Choosing Books and Reading Aloud

     My previous post on Shared Reading brings me to Youtube. I am enjoying myself browsing through all the videos on Shared Reading. I manage to find many interesting videos, but this one turns out to be one of my favourites. It is simple, yet thorough. The explanations are narrated over appropriate visuals.
     The video opens with interesting ideas on how to select suitable books for reading aloud. I discover that it disagrees with The Classroom Readers in the matter of Basic Sentence Patterns Book (read my previous post on Shared Reading). Watch the video to find out why.
     The video also answers some of the questions I would like to ask:
     .....what do kids like reading about?
     .....should I finish reading a story in one sitting? do I pause to explain or define, and how often?
     .....hardbacks versus paperbacks, which one is better and why? there any difference between the way I should be reading to older kids      and to younger ones? there any types of books that do not read aloud well?

     The piece of advice in the video that goes straight to my list of favourites:
     "...practise reading aloud to your cat, your neighbour, to yourself!"

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