Sunday, December 13, 2009

Retirement... according to Gila-Gila

     Malaysian civil servants have a choice of opting to retire at age 56 or work until they reach age 58.

     As a teacher teaching in a primary government school, the above applies to me as well.

     Of course, this is not new information. It has been announced by the Malaysian government since 2008.

     I opt to retire at the age of 58. My reason is that as long as I am able to do something with my life and my time, I would want to continue teaching. Honestly, I never really thought much about it. Not until I stumbled upon this cover of a Malaysian humour magazine. I think it is pretty funny.

Copyright: Creative Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

     Well Gila-Gila, I love the cartoon...but to me 58 is really not that old... ;-)

     It did make me smile, though. It's truly a good one. It has been ages since I last read Gila-Gila.
My fond memories of Gila-Gila:

Gila-Gila is the first and one of the most popular humour magazine in Malaysia. It is one of the few magazines that I grow up reading. I remember how my Aunty Lina, who is also a teacher in a primary school in Tawau, used to have a large collection of Gila-Gila when I was little. Our family weekly visits were always something that I anticipated because I would have the chance to immerse myself in reading the magazine. My siblings were also big fans of the magazine. We would save up our daily pocket money to buy Gila-Gila each and every month, and during 'bad economy' we would split the cost amongst us. I remember the sweet moments when we would squabble over who got to read the magazine first.

I came across this cover of Gila-Gila when I was completing my online subscription at the publisher's website.

To subscribe, or find out more about Gila-Gila, visit Creative Enterprise Official Website

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