Friday, February 19, 2010

My Pelaka Therapy

My friend Sue, the pre-school teacher, had asked me to help her do something with the new pre-school building outer walls in order to make it look 'merrier'. She complained that the Headmaster had been bugging her about making the building more cheerful for days. Sue suggested that I paint something on the walls. I agreed.

     I thought I was going to have fun doing it. I was right. In fact, I had more than fun. Stirring and mixing the Pelaka paint in the colour pallete with the paint brush and smearing the concrete walls with my doodles were like therapy for me. It was liberating to have something that you truly enjoy demands your focus and attention and occupies your time for hours on end.

     I'm no Michelangelo, of course. But Sue likes my smearing and doodles so much that she insists on feeding me every day during recess. If good food can be counted as a form of payment, this is the first time that someone has ever paid me for my 'art work'! Hahaha!


  1. is very beautiful painting....funny but fun...

  2. Haha! Thanks Caby. I had fun doing it, really. ;-)


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