Saturday, July 17, 2010

Piece of Cake!

One Week in Cake Metaphors

Cake Scenario 1

"That's a nice cake you have, Cindy. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it".
"I do enjoy it. Thanks".
"But before you can eat it, don't you need to write letter a, lettter b and letter c first?"
"I think so, but that's just protocol. I'll take care of the letters as soon as possible".
"What if the cake does not taste good? Or what if it's stale?"
"It's not stale. It's good. It's great".
"Are you sure you're allowed to have the cake? I heard that you must register this and that and go through this and that before you can even start munching on the cake".
"There are many people ahead of me who've had the cake and as far as I'm concerned, they're doing okay".
"Hmm...I think you really must do this and that first. You've to go through this, and write a letter to that, and then apply for this and that".
"Ok. Got it".
"Don't get me wrong. I really am happy for you. I just hope you don't get sick after eating that cake. Consider yourself warned".
"Ok. Whatever".
"Congratulations, anyway. Enjoy your cake!"

Cake Scenario 2

Text message from the bakery: "Please come to the bakery today. Your cake is ready."
After an almost two hour drive in the midst of the pouring rain, Cindy reached the bakery to retrieve her cake.
Bakery Girl: "Sorry miss, but unfortunately there has been a kitchen crisis and we can't give the cake to you today. Can you come again tomorrow?"

Cake Scenario 3

"Cindy, where is your cake?"
"It's right here, Sir".
"Is that your cake? It's not enough. I need a bigger cake".
"I can't make a bigger cake, Sir. We don't have enough flour".
"How much flour do you need?"
"It depends on how big you want the cake to be".
"No way. We don't have budget for that".
"So how am I supposed to make a bigger cake?"
"Ask the baker next door. She can make a bigger cake eventhough she's not even a cake optionist".
"She has enough flour, Sir. And plenty of people to help her make the cake".
"I don't want any excuses. You're the cake optionist, you're supposed to be able to MAGICALLY create a super big cake WITHOUT ANY HELP and with LIMITED AMOUNT OF FLOUR".

Cake Scenario 4

During a district meeting, HE shouted at the top of his lungs:


To the Cake Messengers: "Don't teach me what to do. Who are you people?"

To ME, and the rest of his 'SERVANTS': "See you at work, you lazy bones. Serve me my cakes, or else."

[It had been such a long, long week. I need a break. Phew.]


  1. the envious, the frustrating, the unbelievably ridiculous and the know-it-all...yes, life would be 'dull' without them :D. I am sure you are among the strong enough to see it all through the positive point of views. All the best to you dear. :-D

  2. You're probably one of the few people who gets it, stprada. Hehe. I know that I can always count on you.

    Thanks...for reading - and for being such a supportive friend.

  3. We need people like these to keep us in check, if you look at it positively, no matter how much you feel like skinning them alive. It'll make you a stronger "cake" eater! :-D


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