Friday, June 29, 2012

Teaching Comparatives and Superlatives with Johnny Grammar

After getting encouraging responses for 'Unpack Your Adjectives' from my pupils, I continued my search on Youtube for more grammar videos. As a continuation to the previous lesson on Adjectives, I tried to search for videos on Comparative and Superlative. I stumbled upon a couple of very interesting and useful videos, but I ended up using Johnny Grammar's video uploaded by British Council Learning English (BritishCouncilLE) in my class.

The video has funny images and animations, and the explanations are simple but very clear. The pupils loved it, and they didn't mind watching it over and over again.

In addition to that, I found this video on the topic 'Making Comparisons' - also uploaded by BritishCouncilLE - a very useful one. This video may be used as a continuation to the above lesson on Comparative and Superlative.

British Council Learning English (BritishCouncilLE) is a great Youtube channel that offers a lot of useful and interesting videos for teachers and learners of the English language. Click here to visit or subscribe to the channel: British Council Learning English Youtube Channel

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