Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Ideas for 'Hands-on' Writing Activities (Materials from 'Speed-up' Talk in Tawau)

Another quick post. I've uploaded the Powerpoint slides that I used for my talk on 'Teaching Writing: Some Ideas for 'Hands-on' Activities' at SJKC Chung Hwa, Tawau yesterday (August 26, 2013) on Slideshare. It's downloadable:

You can also view or download it here.

To download the songs/melodies for the sentence structures and the logical connectors, go here. I've also written some blog posts on some of the topics that we covered during the talk, you can read them here:

Five Scaffolding Activities for Sentence Constructions
Singing the Structure - Using Simple Melodies to Teach Sentence Construction
Logical Connectors Powerpoint Slides and Song
I would choose...(Part 1: Extracting the Juice)

I'm currently working on more blog posts on the topic, I hope you would come back to visit. :-)

You can find more downloadable UPSR materials here.

Here's the video for the 'Reasons' song that I showed during the talk. This is actually a recording of one of the lessons that we conducted in an estate school during our UPSR roadshow. The SISC+ for Kunak, Puan Ernah Mark has uploaded it on Youtube. I hope Jason Mraz is not mad at me. ;-)

The lyrics:

Because it attracts me, I think I like it the most
I like the features, it is suitable for me
The price is reasonable
I can afford it

I love the activity, I think it’s interesting
It is fun and challenging, it is my favourite
It suits my personality
I can improve myself

And I won’t hesitate no more, no more
This is the choice I’ve made
And I believe that I will be happy with what I have chosen for me


I believe he is the best for me
He is the perfect company
We can share a lot and we can learn a lot

It will be a great experience for me
There will be a lot of things to see

I like doing things that I will love, love, love, love…

Feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions. 


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  1. Hi sis.... love the blog... erm... can you do something about the vid coz it doesn't show up on this post. cheers~


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