Thursday, July 16, 2015

Downloadable Materials for 'Proud to be Malaysians' (KBSR Year 6)

In this post, I'm sharing some of the materials that I've used to teach Unit 2 of the KBSR Year 6 textbook. The unit title is 'Proud to be Malaysians'. You may have already covered the unit earlier this year, but these might still be usable for revision purposes.

So, here you go.

Sub-topic: Describing Malaysia 

Vocabulary, gap-filling and paragraph writing exercises. You can use this worksheet to accompany the activity on page 24 of the textbook.

Sub-topic: Fun at School

Information transfer, paragraph writing. These materials can be used to get students to practise Section B of UPSR Paper 2.

Big text - you can print these out, paste them on larger sheets of paper (manila cards or mahjong paper) and put it on the board for whole-class reading activity.

Here's a worksheet for parallel writing exercise that students can use to practise Section B, Part 2 of the UPSR English Paper 2.

Word cards / phrase cards for whole-class information transfer activity.

The picture below is from another unit's lesson, but it demonstrates how you can use these word / phrase cards in your lesson activity.

After doing the whole-class information transfer activity on the board, students can do the task individually using this worksheet below.

Sub-topic: Synonyms

I made these word cards based on the word list provided in the textbook.

Here's the worksheet for the word list:

Here's a song that I made up (heheh!). I put together the lyrics using the word list provided in the textbook.

Download Music - Audio Hosting - The Synonyms Song

Haha. It's a silly song I know, but it does its job.

Here's how I did it in my class. I gave the worksheet below to my students (the song lyrics with some missing words). I let them read it first for a minute or two. I asked them to guess the missing words. Then, I played the song. The students listened and tried to fill in the gap.

That's it for now. I'll be uploading more materials for KBSR Year 6 soon, so stay tuned! -ccj

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