Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Downloadable Materials for 'Wonderfully Made' (KBSR Year 6)

I was browsing through files and folders in my tired, overworked computer, and I found some of these materials for the topic 'Wonderfully Made' (Unit 1) of the KBSR Year 6 textbook.

I know that it's already July and teachers have covered 'Wonderfully Made' a long time ago. The reason I'm uploading these on Slideshare is because my computer has been sending me some subtle signals. Signals that urge me to back everything up and store all my files somewhere safe.

While doing that, I thought I would like to make these files available for my colleagues as well.
If you've done 'Wonderfully Made' with your students, you can still use these materials for revision purposes. They're just some simple word cards and worksheets, nothing special. But if you find them useful in any way, feel free to download them and share with others.

I'm also sharing some pictures of activities in my classrooms, using these materials. If you have any suggestions on how to make learning this topic more interesting for the students, or if you have links to any interesting materials, feel free to share them with others by dropping your comment below this post.

Year: 6
Unit: 1
Topic: Wonderfully Made

Sub-topic: Parts of the Body

Sub-topic: Feelings

Feelings (word cards) from Cynthia James

Some pictures from my classroom:

Pharell William's 'Happy' song - I used this as a warm-up

Sub-topic: Physical Descriptions

Some pictures from my classroom:

I have some more materials and pictures for the sub-topic 'Physically Challenged People', but I'm saving them for my next lesson share post.

I hope you find this humble sharing useful. -ccj

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