Friday, October 26, 2018

I'm on Study Leave! (Sticky Post)

Hi friends! Just a quick post to let everyone know that I'm currently on a one-year study leave to pursue my postgraduate study - MPhil in Education (Research in Second Language Education) - at University of Cambridge. I truly apologise for all the unanswered e-mails and messages in my Beyond Chalk & Talk FB inbox. A lot of things are happening at the same time - and I'm still trying to find my feet. Not an acceptable excuse to ignore you all, I know. I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart,  and I promise I'll try my very best to make up for that in every way I can.

There are requests and inquiries about new books and modules - I'm sorry I won't be able to do all those at the moment. But feel free to check out my latest book in the Genius DSKP series published by Penerbit Ilmu Bakti here. I have posted a few worksheets and materials on my Facebook page, you can check them out here. You might want to check out my Instagram page, too.  :)  That's all I can offer for now. I'll try to post updates from time to time whenever I have the chance.

I also received a couple of requests for teachers training / workshop. Believe me, I really really wish I can do that. But at the moment I would need to postpone all such activities for very obvious reasons. I promise I'll get in touch with everyone as soon as I finish my studies. We'll plan something, you have my words for that. :)

If everything goes well, I should be back in Malaysia around August or September next year. Thank you so much for your continuous support. Please pray for me, and do keep in touch!

Take care, -ccj

St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge


  1. good luck dear on ur study. hopefully when u come back we'll have chances to learn more from ur experience there.


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