Friday, October 22, 2010

Question Papers for 2nd Semester Exam (Level 1) Downloads

Been a little bit under the weather these past few days and have to take sometime off from work. Truth is, I'm getting restless staying at home just 'resting'. But I need to get this blood pressure issue under control first or risk creating a 'scene' again at work. Enough with the embarrassment already now. Hopefully I could get back to work full swing ASAP. For now, though, the best I can do is share whatever I can share through my overworked, reliable and loyal and humble companion, Mr Toshiba (my beloved laptop - what would I do without 'him'?)

I have 'composed' (or more accurately cut, copied, edited, adapted, adopted and pasted) question papers for my school's Level 1 (Year 1, 2 and 3) second semester examination. Since our district's task force is not going to conduct any centralised item building workshop as usual, I've been bombarded by calls and text messages from teachers all over Kunak, asking why, why and why. Heheh! Fret not, I'm doing my best to juggle everyone's interest and the best that I could do is to share what I have and encourage everyone to do the same.

These papers that I have are obviously anything but perfect (I'm still a bit groggy) but they are free-of-charge (heheh!) and I hope it would be able to help ease the teachers' burdens in any small way possible.

I've uploaded them to Scribd. Feel free to download them from the links below. Feel free also to modify, adapt and adopt according to your needs (you really, really need to, if you decide to use them. To be honest, I didn't spend much time on them as I should - this 'grogginess' is killing me. Sigh!)

Primary 1:

Primary 2:

Primary 3:

You may also find the link at our Facebook page, Kunak English Language Teachers at


  1. oh this is very useful. Thanks for sharing! And hope you get well soon!

  2. Always my pleasure, chegu. Hope it helps! I'm recuperating! ;-)


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