Friday, October 8, 2010

Schadenfreude (For Heaven's Sake!!!)

Oh, for heaven's sake!
If it's true what you say that it's
just a tiny little insignificant lonely flower-weed
that grows overwhelmed by the tall grasses
Have you wondered: Who would've noticed it?
Why do you notice it?
Why you? oh you who happen to come from nowhere
and trample the ground underneath your feet 
with pride and illwill 
fuming out of your nostrils?

What has it done to you that
you even feel the need to 
pluck it out and tear its tiny little petals
one by one?

And while you drop those poor disfigured little torn petals into
the flowing merciless current and with
schadenfreude you watch them
go and fade away...

What, for heaven's sake are you thinking of?
Oh what, for heaven's sake, is
your heart made of?
Why oh why do you intrude its place
and act like you own the space
and rob the poor soul of its own solace?

For heaven's sake...
Oh, for heaven's sake
Why do you do what you do
and what has gotten into you???



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